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Detailing Package Includes Price
Sudz Signature Detailing Complete interior & exterior detailing, Pearl Hand Wash, Clay bar all painted surfaces to remove harmful contaminants, Engine cleaning & shine, NuVinAir Restore 15 min odor eradication process reduces HVAC pollutants, Bead Maker Sealant Starting at $260
Full Detailing Pearl Hand wash, Degrease wheels, tires, & apply tire shine, Detail of all doors & jambs, Upholstery Cleaning and/or leather conditioning, Shampoo all carpets and mats, Vacuum the trunk, Complete cleaning & dressing of all vinyl areas including dash, console, cup holders & vents, Tar removal, Bead Maker sealant Starting at $180
Basic Detailing Pearl Wash, Carpets, floor mats, & seats will be wiped down & vacuumed, Dashboard & door panels will be wiped down & conditioned, The inside glass will be clean & air vents will be blown out, Tire & wheels are cleaned & dressed, All exterior glass is cleaned. Starting at $140
Sudz NuVinAir Total Health Treatment 1. Disinfecting your vehicle from harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses – we use NuVinAir’s EPA approved, eco-friendly, and safe (non-toxic) vehicle disinfectant ReKlenz-X, which kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses, including the virus that causes COVID-19. We clean and disinfect over 20 touchpoints.

2. Odor elimination and HVAC cleaning – we use patented products from NuVinAir that eliminate odor (versus masking it) and remove harmful HVAC pollutants, leaving your vehicle clean and odor-free
Starting at $100
Exterior Exterior Wash & Dry, Remove Light Bugs & Tar, Clean & Dress Tires, Dress Plastic Outside, Clay Bar all painted surfaces to remove harmful contaminants, Apply Bead Maker Sealant to protect & shine, Providing a level of protectant and slickness that takes your car to a new level of cleanliness!! Starting at $125
Interior Thorough Vacuum Interior & Trunk, Interior Deep Clean Dash/Console, Air Vent, & Door Panels, Apply Uv Protectant All Plastic Surfaces, All Carpet & Upholstery Deep Clean (Shampoo With Hot Water Extractor If Needed), Deep Clean All Floor Mats (Shampoo With Hot Water Extractor If Needed), Deep Clean All Leather And Condition, Headliner Cleaned, Clean Windows Inside And Out Starting at $150

Sudz Car Wash Offers NuVinAir

Watch the video to learn more about what NuVinAir® can do for your vehicle.

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Special Vehicle Detailing

Boat Detailing Services

Wash & Interior Detailing.
Pricing is per linear foot by estimate.

Tractor Trailer/Aluminum Trailers & Tanks

- Tractor Trailer Wash $10 - $20 Per Linear Foot
- Full Interior Detail. By Estimate
- Aluminum Trailer (Acid Wash) $7 - $15 Per Linear Foot
- Aluminum Tanks/Rim Restorations. $30 - $40 each

RV Wash & Wax

Pricing is per linear foot by estimate.

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